Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Mac OS X Lion and Internet Fame

A few weeks ago I posted a video to YouTube showing off the features in the upcoming Mac OS X Lion.

A couple days later I posted a second one. It has so far not received quite as many views as the first.

A few days later, the first one was featured on MacRumors which pushed its view count to a whopping 120,000 views in only a few hours. I was impressed. But unfortunately I decided to use music in the videos, only to break the boredom, but either way, in the first video YouTube detected the song incorrectly, but it detected it nonetheless. So it became flagged in certain countries. Namely Germany.

This prompted a bunch of comments about my music choice, the inability to view in certain places, one user even called me an idiot.

To make up for it, I posted a third video without music featuring both parts 1 and 2 in one video because my account is enabled for longer videos. The third video is 26 minutes long. It has even less views than the first.

And now my first video has been posted on Edible Apple. Another Apple related blog. Also, OS X Daily featured it as well.

The first video now has 135,000 views and growing. And it's still up. Everyone seems surprised Apple hasn't taken it down yet, but I think Apple really doesn't care. There are dozens of videos on YouTube of Lion, none as in-depth as mine, and they're still up. Apple knows people know about Lion. Screenshots are everywhere. Reviews are everywhere. They probably just want people to know about it. In the olden days, Apple would take this stuff down as soon as they found it. Now, I think they'd rather just get the word out.

A few weeks ago, my two most viewed YouTube videos were a video of William Shatner singing "It Hasn't Happened Yet" and a clip from the movie "UHF" starring Weird Al and Michael Richards. And neither of them have nearly as many views combined. Even my Google Cr-48 videos didn't become this popular.

The lesson I take away from all this is next time either use public domain music or don't use music at all.

Here is part 2:

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